TEFL/CELTA Certification and why you need it?


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What does TEFL mean?

TEFL, short for “Teaching English as a Foreign Language” is an internationally
recognized entry-level credential for teaching English in schools and communities.
Almost 75% of all English teaching jobs require a TEFL or CELTA certificate.

High demand for English teachers:
With the constantly growing amount of people that want to learn English, the
importance of a TEFL and CELTA Certifications also grows, and so does the demand for qualified
English teachers. This has created a job market for TEFL And CELTA certified teachers. Schools,
language academies and even private institutions are actively seeking qualified
. This creates a lot of chances throughout the whole of Spain, but it doesn’t
stop there. The certificate justifies you as a teacher in more than 50 countries
worldwide, but with a focus on the European Union.

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TEFL vs CELTA and which one to choose?

While a TEFL certificate is broadly accepted for teaching English across Spain, some
institutions might want you to have a CELTA qualification.

What is CELTA?

A Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults. CELTA is a more focused TEFL
for teaching English to adults. It is known for its in-depth exploration of
English language teaching methodologies.

You will look deeper in matters like:

  • Teaching approaches.
  • Lesson planning strategies
  • Effective classroom management techniques

CELTA is a significant amount of practical teaching experience. You’ll have opportunities to plan and deliver lessons to real students under the supervision of our experienced trainers. This allows
you to refine and analyze your teaching skills and receive constructive feedback in a
supported environment.


TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language)

Who is it for?

TEFL is for individuals aiming to teach English in non-native English-speaking countries .Whether you envision yourself teaching young learners in a classroom in Thailand or adults in a business setting in Brazil.

Requirements for TEFL Certificate:

  • Education: Generally, a high school diploma is required, although some programs and employers prefer or require a bachelor’s degree.
  • Course Length: Ranges from 100 to 200 hours, with at least 120 hours being the standard recommended by most reputable job providers.
  • Course Content: Includes classroom management, basic principles of teaching, language skills, grammar, and planning.
  • Practicum: Not always required, but highly recommended and often included in more comprehensive courses.


  • Flexibility: Offers a wide range of options concerning course format (online, in-person, or hybrid) and specialization (young learners, business English, etc.).
  • Global Recognition: Widely recognized by language schools worldwide.

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CELTA (Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages)

Who is it for?

CELTA Certification is perfect for those who are serious about making a career in teaching English as a second or foreign language. It’s highly regarded, especially in the UK and Europe, and is often a requirement for schools in these regions.

Key Requirements:

  • Education: A high school diploma is necessary, but a bachelor’s degree is often preferred.
  • Course Length: Typically a rigorous 120-hour course spread over four to five weeks if taken full-time, but part-time courses are available too.
  • Course Content: Focuses on adult learners, with an emphasis on hands-on teaching practice and real-world classroom experience.
  • Practicum: Includes a mandatory 6-hour teaching practice with real language learners, observed by trainers.


  • Professional Edge: Highly respected by employers, often considered a gold standard for teaching English abroad and online.
  • In-depth Training: Provides thorough preparation for teaching adults, with immediate feedback from experienced instructors.

Choosing Between TEFL and CELTA:

  • Your Career Goals: If you aim to focus on teaching adults in more formal settings or pursue opportunities in the UK and Europe, consider CELTA.
  • Time and Investment: CELTA is typically more intensive and expensive but can be more rewarding for long-term career prospects.

CELTA Certification open doors to incredible teaching opportunities around the globe. The right certification for you will align with your career goals.

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